Jet Couriers…Point-to-Point Perfection

At Jet Couriers we strive to provide Point-to-Point courier services in New Zealand you can count on. We are ready and available to pick-up and deliver at a moments notice.

Operating from advanced control centres, we boast an all modern fleet of radio controlled vans and tray trucks.

When you want efficient, professional service, you can confidently depend on Jet Couriers!

We offer a delivery service that accommodates all forms of goods and product. Pathology, printing, medical, mail, retail, clothing, legal, industrial, internet are a few of the classifications that Jet Couriers delivers thousands of times daily in full, on time, and with immediate receipt.

Jet Couriers excellence of service led to rapid success and guaranteed its steady growth around Australia. A culture of open communication with clients and staff , and our policy of whenever possible promoting internally, leading to long term mutually beneficial careers and retainment of expertise has established Jet Couriers as a leading entity in the Courier marketplace.. Controlled expansion of the company to national status became a reality with depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmania, Brisbane, Geelong, Gold Coast and Perth.

Jet Couriers now has 19 dispatch centres globally with over 1500 drivers and staff. Jet Couriers now has an branch in Auckland to service all your courier needs. The United States offices are in Dallas, Houston, New York, and Philadelphia, allowing strategic positioning to access the American market.

Global Control Centres
Boasting advanced local control centres globally and an entirely modern fleet of monitored van, trays and taxi trucks. So, your delivery is in good hands.
All Goods Delivered
Using the latest dispatch and tracking software we ensure all forms of consignments are delivered on time and in full.
Immediate Delivery Receipt
Jet Couriers delivers thousands of times daily providing Real Time Proof Of Delivery.

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